Most Commonly Asked Questions

Is it available over the internet?

Yes! As long as you're using a two-factor authentication solution, you can access eAgent 2.0 via intranet or the internet with a secure connection approved by your agency.

What mobile devices can I use eAgent 2.0 on?

eAgent 2.0 can be used on any device that has a minimum screen resolution of 1334 X 750 (4.7-in screen). That means it will look great on almost any device from your personal cell phone all the way to your desktop monitor.

Can I access eAgent 2.0 from anywhere?

Yes! You can access eAgent 2.0 from any location on any device approved by your agency.

Do I need any additional software or hardware?

Not at all! eAgent 2.0 does not require any additional software or hardware. It is a zero-footprint, browser-based solution that does not require any kind of installation. You just get a URL and you’re good to go!

How cost-effective is eAgent?

We know how important it is for agencies to stay within budget so we developed eAgent to save your agency money in several ways: • You can access 2.0 from numerous types of devices. With other companies, you would need to purchase separate subscriptions for each device, but not with eAgent. One user can access 2.0 from all of their devices at no extra cost. • eAgent 2.0 will also save your IT staff a lot of time (and headaches) because they will no longer have to deal with software bugs due to those dreaded Java updates. • We also support all of our products personally, so we can take the strain off of your IT staff. Other companies charge extra for support, but our 24/7/365 support is available at no extra cost to you.

What are the minimum browser requirements?

eAgent 2.0 runs on the latest versions of the following browsers: Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

How's your customer support?

Second-to-none. Law enforcement systems are critical to public safety and do not have the luxury of downtime. Diverse Computing provides top-notch customer support, 24/7/365, unmatched by any other company in the industry. Highly qualified support staff (employed by Diverse Computing and located entirely in the United States) are always available. And these staff are motivated to get your problem truly resolved… not simply pass you along to someone else as other companies do.

Can I try eAgent before I buy?

Absolutely! You can try almost any of our eAgent solutions free for 60 days by signing up for a demo here.

for more in depth answers to questions you can view the FAQ on our homepage here.


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