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Comparing and Contrasting Exotic Car Rental Companies (What To Look For...)

For this blog post we'll be talking about the various types of exotic and luxury car rental companies that exist and breaking them down into segments to let you know what to look out for. The truth is, not all services are created equal and it's important to arm yourself with the knowledge so that you can compare and contrast which company will be best for your needs.

There are 4 basic segments that exist in the rental marketplace, here they are broken down:

Segment 1: Social Media Brokers and Club Promoters

Segment 1 makes up about 15-20% of all deals that occur, these are the Instagram, and Facebook Brokers and Club Promoters. These are often individuals who have developed a passion for the industry and have decided if they can make a couple hundred dollars brokering a deal and get to drive a Lamborghini then that's the perfect niche for them.

The biggest issue you may occur when dealing with this segment of the market is no real grasp on the inventory that is available leading to bait and switches, failure to deliver correct vehicle models/colors and a lack of structure in terms of smoothness of service and professionalism.

Segment 2: Internet Brokers & Concierge Companies

Segment 2 of the market are usually google based/referral based making up about 10-15% of the market, these are luxury concierge companies who obtain clients and refer them to companies or internet brokers who connect customers with inventory. Working with these companies can be a seamless process or a nightmare contingent on the companies reputation and integrity. For this sort of transaction be cautious and make sure whoever you're working with is actually incorporated.

Segment 3: High-Volume Wholesale Companies

Segment 3 of the list are companies which are usually the outlets for the internet brokers, concierge companies, club promoters and social media brokers...these are wholesale companies. Wholesale Companies make money by turning over large amounts of volume and catering to the entire market as a whole. These are relatively good companies to work with as you can receive a relative discount compared to other companies but can come with it's fair share of headaches as usually these are the companies which bait and switch clients in and out of vehicles and are relatively unreliable from a customer service perspective.

Segment 4: Upper Echelón Luxury Companies

Segment 4 is the luxury companies which are more customer service oriented. These are the companies that are more attentive to there clients and are not as focused on the cash generated as there are the service. We consider ourselves a luxury company as what has always been held as a priority within our company is outstanding customer service and integrity.

So there you have it, a brief report of the various types of companies that exist and what to look out for so you can make your own decision.


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