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The Five Essential Steps to Renting Your Dream Car | Veluxity

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Updated 05/17/2018

How Does This Work?

This is possibly one of the most frequently asked questions at Veluxity on a daily basis. It's true, the Exotic Car Rental process can be quite confusing to someone who doesn't work in the industry...


We thought it best to fill you in on exactly how the Exotic Car Rental process works so you can better understand it.


Though the thrill of driving a supercar is out of this world and should be looked forward to, it must also come with it's fair share of perseverance. With tremendous power, comes tremendous responsibility for the driver and renter of our exotic cars.

exotic car rentals veluxity

That's why...

It's important we dot our "i" 's and cross out "t" 's when it comes to rental protocol and procedures. Below our the 5 steps taken to ensure you drive your dream car and have effectively covered yourself financially.

1.) Submit an Inquiry or Give us a Call

Sounds simple right?

The first step is getting in touch with one of our Account Managers so we can give you a quote based on your needs and variables.

Once this is done...

We will send you our reservation forms to fill out along with a copy of your insurance information, credit card information and drivers license information.

2.) Verifying Insurance

This next step is our responsibility as your rental agency. We will call your insurance company whether it be Geico, State Farm, Progressive, AllState etc. The discussion is brief though we may need to conference you so the insurance company can disclose the details of your insurance policy.


This is the most important part of the entire rental procedure. If you do not have insurance that is transferable to the vehicle you're interested in, you cannot rent the vehicle.

3.) Applying Payment

Veluxity is an extremely busy enterprise, so we require payment to be taken once the reservation forms have been received by our staff. Our wide selection of supercars, luxury vehicles, SUV's etc. are in high demand all of the time. At Veluxity we don't offer "tentative" bookings as it wouldn't be fair to the portion of clients who are "serious inquiries".


Once payment has been processed, you're guaranteed to receive the vehicle you reserved on the day you reserved it!

4.) Security Deposit

Yes we do require security deposits...

They range from $500 to $5,000 depending on the vehicle you're renting from us. The reason for these deposits is simple...


Yes. If you scratch, dent, or ding one of our $150,000+ exotic car rentals you can bet we are going to have some sort of contigency fund. We rarely use our security but they're mandatory for unforeseen circumstances. These deposits are not due till 24 hours before you receive the vehicle.

Usually, the deposits are held in cash or as a hold on your credit card.

5.) Sign & Drive Contracts

The final and quickest step of the exotic car rental process is simply picking up your vehicle from our location or via our free delivery system. At this point, one of our delivery drivers or account managers will "check out" the vehicle, citing any obvious scratches, dings or dents and marking it on our check out sheet.

Once the vehicle inspection is complete:

We will then simply have you sign the contract, abbendum, check out sheet and credit card imprints (if you used CC imprints).

One of the most important things to take note of during your rental process is making sure you choose the exact vehicle you're looking for based on several different factors including performance, speed, comfort and seating capacity.

For example, if you're looking for a comfortable ride that seats up to four you'd probably opt for a Rolls Royce Convertible, the Dawn models. If you're looking for a quick car that catches alot of stares then the obvious choice would be the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

Either way you cut it, you can't go wrong with choosing an exotic car rental, especially if it's your first time doing so. If you follow these essential steps: Submit an Inquiry, Verified Insurance, Apply Payment, Leave a Security Deposit and Sign and Drive Contracts you'll be off and to the races in no time. For more info you can reach us via our quick quote form.

At this point you're off and enjoying your Veluxity Exotic Car Rental in Miami :).

If you have any additional questions simply ask your Account Manager for further details!


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