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Why Lamborghini’s Urus is Changing the Face of Trucks Forever

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We’ve all seen the teaser photos over the past couple years, and it’s finally here. Lamborghini has just released its flagship SUV, the Urus, boasting a twin turbo charged v8 engine boasting 641 horsepower and catapulting it’s passengers to 60 in 3.5 seconds…not bad for a truck.

But really, what does this mean for the truck world and for luxury car rentals in nyc and miami? No one could have ever dreamed Lamborghini would actually participate in the truck market. Will Ferrari be next? One thing is for sure, this wildly styled ferociously performance stuffed SUV will redefine high performance trucks forever.

Veluxity is excited to add this SUV to our fleet in late 2018 and will offer it at the most competitive rates in NYC and Miami.

Has anyone noticed that this will be one of the first Lamborghini V8’s that are also turbocharged? Could this redefine Lamborghini’s reputation for a high performance supercar? Lamborghini has always prided itself on a lot of cylinders and a lot of horsepower, the Urus marks there acceptance of the changing tides occurring through out the car world with gas consumption kept in mind.

Either way, we’re excited to see what the Urus has in store. Stay tuned for updates on when Veluxity will add this vehicle to our fleet.


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