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Veluxity Exotic Car Rental was founded in NYC under the principles of reliability, integrity, and timeliness for our luxury and exotic car rental clients. In a business where attention to detail is everything, Veluxity strives to go above and beyond. With over five years experience in exotic car rentals we like to consider ourselves relatively seasoned in this special niche. Our overall mission is to provide you with the joy and excitement our fleet of vehicles is able to bring you while also keeping both you and our cars safe. Over the years we have also expanded our business to offer vehicle storage, tracking events, jet charter service, yacht charter service and a full line of car wash supplies. We service the entire northeast US including: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and The Hamptons. 

Some of the most sought after supercars in the world including Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Bentley and Porsche make up the fleet at Veluxity. We understand that the service we provide extends far beyond the products we rent which is why we offer delivery/pickup services throughout the US. 

Whether you’re interested in making a reservation with us today or just looking to get a quote for future business with Veluxity, feel free to give us a call. We understand for some of you this is a big decision financially as these rentals aren’t cheap so feel free to drop us a note with any questions or concerns you have. We have done our absolute best in answering the most frequently asked questions below along with providing some additional information on how all of this works and our policies.



Lynn F. - Oak Ridge, NJ

Ferrari 488 GTB

"Wanted to fulfill a dream of renting a red Ferrari for my husband’s birthday. I was googling the phone number to another place to book it when Veluxity popped up, and I am SO GRATEFUL it did! I called and Ron made something that I was so nervous about so easy. I cannot say enough about him, the car and the experience. He went above and beyond to give my family an awesome memory! God willing, we will get to do it again! Thanks again Veluxity for an experience of a lifetime!"

New York's Premier Exotic Car Rental

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Rental Policies / FAQ / Tips

What's the first step in all of this?

The first step to getting yourself into one of our vehicles is to get in touch with Ron, the owner via text or phone call at 914-584-1974. Once you've gotten in touch with Ron he can cover more information with you regarding the rental process.We require proof of valid driver license (must be 24 or older) and valid full coverage vehicle insurance on an existing vehicle, as well as an additional 10% holding deposit for the dates you're requesting.

Why do I have to leave a damage deposit?

Exotic Car Rentals can be a risky business when dealing with $75,000-$500,000 vehicles. At Veluxity, our damage deposits are a flat $1,000-$5,000 for both Miami and NYC locations. Once you have returned the vehicle you will receive your deposit back immediately (if left in cash) or within 3 to 5 business days (if left as a hold on your credit card). Please note, there have been scenarios where damage deposits have taken longer to refund then 3 to 5 business days due to holidays or the receiving banks policy. Security deposits are held for incidentals that cannot be billed through insurance, such as a crack in a windshield, a scuff on a wheel, dent in a door, etc. Trust us, you don’t want an increase in your insurance premium anyway, it would cost you more in the long run than holding a small repair amount from your security deposit.

Why can't I rent the car for one day on a weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun)?

We receive the highest amount of inquiries on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Because we have a limited amount of cars in our fleet, if we put the car out for one day to you on a weekend, we’ll likely end up turning down a two or three day rental. One of the largest issues Veluxity has run into with our continued growth as a company is having more clients than cars. As I’m sure you know, these rentals are investments for us and our overall goal (along with outstanding customer service) is to ensure we are getting the maximum return on investment on a month to month basis. For this reason, we enforce strict two day minimum policies on normal weekends and 3 day minimum policies on holiday weekends (Memorial Weekend, July 4th, New Years…to name a few). We know that many clients are looking to take advantage of this experience on a one day basis which is why we usually entertain these sorts of rentals on a Monday to Thursday basis.

Can I rent one of your luxury or exotic car rentals hourly?

We do not offer hourly rentals in any city at any time, sorry!

Does my insurance cover the rental of my Lamborghini?

Believe it or not, yes. If you carry a full coverage driver insurance policy (comp, collision and liability) your insurance automatically covers you when you rent an exotic or luxury car from Veluxity. However, we will ask for a copy of your driver license and insurance so we can verify as some smaller insurance companies do not offer transferable coverage limits to rental vehicles. Major companies such as State Farm, Geico, Progressive, Allstate etc will almost always transfer to rental vehicles.

But if I have insurance, why do you hold my damage deposit?

Damage Deposits are held for any damage that occurs on your rental. Because of this, we usually choose to bill directly from your security deposit. We bill $300 for scuffed wheels (per wheel), $500 per damaged tire (if rubber has been removed from the sidewalls) and $1000+ for major dings/scratches/body damage on the body. Once the charges are settled you will still be able to file a claim through your insurance and receive money back for any charges.

How old do I have to be to rent from Veluxity?

You must be 24 years of age or older to rent, limitations may be assessed.

How many free miles do I get with my rental?

Our mileage offers vary based on your location. We offer anywhere from 75 to 125 free miles per day depending on seasonality, vehicle rental frequency, depreciation considerations and much more. Mileage overage charges can run as low as $2.50 per mile and as high as $6.95 per mile depending on the vehicle.

International Renters

The only out of country clients who are eligible to rent with Veluxity are those who can present a major credit card which offers rental insurance in the US or those with a valid active US car insurance policy on an existing US registered vehicle.

Insurance Information

Veluxity requires our renters to carry an insurance policy in the event of an incident. In order to rent a vehicle, customers must use the insurance policy you already have on your owned or leased vehicle. Once the insurance information is received we will simply call the insurance company to verify its authenticity and you’re on your way! Note: By insurance, we mean full coverage driver insurance on one or more vehicles (comprehensive, collision and liability). The ONLY special exception would be a client who has a AMEX Centurion or Platinum card as this specific card offers damage waivers for high-end luxury and exotic vehicles. Beware of companies that offer insurance to be purchased - fleet insurance is nearly impossible to obtain for these types of vehicles - if a company offers you insurance to purchase ask for a copy of there fleet insurance coverage to verify its authenticity. Most of the time, you're better off opening a new policy or upgrading your current policy (if that's an available option to you), that way you avoid the risk of being sued for the price of a Ferrari should you crash it with another rental company who falsely “sold” you insurance coverage.


Veluxity delivery charges vary to Miami, NYC and surrounding areas. Deliveries of 50 miles or more may be subject to special delivery rates. This charges are usually based on distance, we also account for depreciation that may occur on the vehicle going to and from your delivery destination. Here is a Breakdown Of Curbside Delivery Estimates Based on Distance: Tri-State Area: NYC/5 Boroughs: $125.00 each way Northern NJ: $125.00 each way Southern CT: $125.00 each way Long Island: $150.00 each way Southern NJ: $250.00 each way Philadelphia: $300.00 each way Northern CT: $300.00 each way Upstate NY (North of Dutchess County): $400.00 each way VT/MA/NH/RI: $500.00 each way Miami Area: Miami/Fort Lauderdale: Complimentary West Palm Beach: $75.00 each way Tampa Bay: $400.00 each way Orlando: $500.00 each way Key West: $500.00 each way

Additional Drivers

Veluxity Luxury Services allows additional drivers to be added into the rental agreement at a charge of $99 per driver. Simply attach and send a copy of the additional drivers license and insurance prior to the rental. Additional drivers are still subject to the same age limits as listed above. We limit your additional drivers on each vehicle to one per vehicle.

Return Information

Veluxity can often accommodate most pickup times in the Miami/NYC Area. Our business is not a "free-for-all" all renters will be expected to return the vehicle at the time the vehicle was received or pay late return fees of up to $200.00 per hour. Clients will be billed if they ignore our return policy and bring a vehicle back late. Speak to an Account Manager for further details.

Weather Policy

We wish we could control the weather, but we don’t have superpowers that strong. From a business standpoint, we just can’t afford to offer a full refund anytime a client reserves a car and then it starts raining, so we unfortunately do not offer discounts, incentives, or refunds for weather unless there is a catastrophic hurricane or weather event.

Cancellation Policy

In order to reserve a vehicle, we will collect a 10% deposit unless the rental is last minute. Your 10% deposit is not refundable so please only reserve vehicles if you're serious about actually renting them. We have found that some clients will book there exotic car before they book the flight or hotel, make sure you're 100% committed to the process before making a booking, we can't stress this enough.

Payment Policies

Veluxity accepts all Major Credit Cards (AMEX, MC, VISA, DISCOVER) or Cash Payments. We also accept Zelle and Paypal. And yes, tax still applies to cash deals - we’re not running a company with illegal practices.

Tickets / Tolls

If ticketed or tolled while in a Veluxity vehicle, you will be held responsible for the towing costs, tolls, penalties or fees. Please make sure to ALWAYS keep your rental contract in the vehicle with you at all times - you WILL need this if you get pulled over and we will not be available to provide it to the police officer if you get pulled over at 2am.


Veluxity reserves the right to pull your Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) at our own discretion before the beginning of you rental. We do not rent to clients who have a SUSPENDED license due to insurance and liability issues.

Driver Fencing

Our rental fleet in New York may not leave the states of PA, NJ, NY or CT unless given prior written approval. All rentals in Florida may not leave the State of Florida, no exceptions. Please note on the contract you will be agreeing that any violation of this fencing restriction grants us permission to report the car stolen.

Prohibited Use

Our fleet of vehicles may not be used under any circumstance for: Any illegal purpose with any illegal intent Towing or pushing of any large objects Speeding or recklessly endangering another driver on the road On any drag strip, race track, rally, or road course (this will result in immediate forfeiture of the vehicle rental) Driving on any unpaved or poorly paved surface Do not stand on the vehicles (hood, roof, trunk)

Early Returns

So you rented the car for three days but decided you only really needed it for two? Unfortunately, Veluxity does not offer refunds for early returns on rentals, if you’ve rented the vehicle for three days you will be expected to keep it for three days. We cannot issue any sort of credit or refund any sort of balance for early returns.

Smoking in the Car

So you’ve rented your exotic car and you've decided it’s the perfect time to light up a nice cigarette, not so fast! Please do not smoke in our vehicles, we have a rotating inventory of vehicles and have no choice but to issue a fine of $500 to your deposit if you smoke in the vehicle. Often our cars are rented back to back. please consider the customers who will come after your when renting our vehicles, smoking in the car is inconsiderate and PROHIBITED.

Drinking Intoxicated / Under the Influence

Please do not drink and drive while in the vehicles. These vehicles are investments, Veluxity reserves the right to forfeit any reservations or de-activate ignitions in the event we feel you are putting the car or yourself in danger. We understand for some of you, it's your first time in one of these types of vehicles and rightfully so, you want to show it off. This can be done responsibly without putting the car and yourself at risk, any client observed driving while under the influence will immediately forfeit the rental and the entire rental balance.

Excessive Speeding / Damage To Vehicles as a Result of Abuse

ll of our vehicles are closely monitored via GPS tracking systems. We receive push notifications whenever each vehicle exceeds a certain speed. Please, by all means enjoy the cars, but this is not the fast and the furious, this is not to say we will call you every time you exceed a certain speed but if we receive an excessive amount of notifications you will be contacted. If we feel you are endangering yourself and the car frequently it may be grounds for a terminated rental. You will be held responsible for any mechanical damage to our vehicles that occurs due to abusive behaviors or street racing on your part.

Speeding isn't worth the Risk

At Veluxity, we understand you’ve rented your first exotic car and you want to enjoy it to the max, this often includes rapid acceleration, hard cornering and high speeds. What isn’t often taken into account is the heavy risk associated with these speeds, this information isn’t meant to take the wind out of your sails or the fun out of your adventure, it’s meant as a forewarning that accidents do happen and nobody wants to bill a $250,000 Ferrari 458 through their insurance, believe us. For this reason, Veluxity has state of the art tracking on our vehicles, to make sure you and our vehicle get back home safely.

You Get What You Pay For

It’s important to acknowledge that you get what you pay for, especially in Miami, but what happens when you receive a Lamborghini and it has 55,000 miles, a burnt clutch and every light on the dashboard on? Who’s liable when the car breaks down cause the oil hasn’t been changed on time or the tire goes flat due to hefty abusive miles being put on the car? Believe us, good things aren’t cheap and cheap things aren’t good, saving the $100-$200 a day isn’t always a better deal when you consider the quality of the product you’re renting, especially when you end up with the workhorse cars that haven’t stopped moving since 2013. In this respect, you get what you pay for, you have been forewarned!.

Beware of Brokers

As with any high ticket item, a very large percentage of the exotic car rental market, especially in the Miami and NYC Area, consists of brokers. Now, there is nothing wrong with brokers, however, a broker is usually an agent for a customer who communicates in advance they are not the owner or manager of the vehicles (such as a hotel, travel agent etc) who then charges the customer a commission for its services and lets the parent company handle the legal paperwork etc. The unfortunate reality, in Miami and NYC especially, is that brokers populate Instagram feeds, Facebook, and heck, a few even make it onto the internet. The issue with exotic and luxury car rentals being brokered by Johny from Biscayne or Jen from down the block is that the originating companies contact info is never revealed in hopes of client retention on the broker’s side, which, in the event of an accident can be catastrophic. We (Veluxity) learned first hand the brutal reality of working with a brokerage company ourselves when they brought us a client in Long Island, NY who decided he’d like to rent our prized Bentley GT Convertible for a few days. We made sure our legal end was covered and that the insurance and driver had been verified, contracts were signed etc. Needless to say we were absolutely awestruck when we received a call from the 113th Precinct that our Bentley had hit four cars and that the 20 year old driver of the car with no insurance had been added to the contract in blue ink (the contract was written in black ink) and had nearly killed two families. This is a prime example of why Brokers should be avoided like the plague. This 20 year old young man was sold phony insurance for an additional fee and was unaware that he had actually committed a third degree felony, and we (Veluxity) now had over $50,000 in damage done to our Bentley, all so the broker could make a couple hundred dollars. Simple ways to avoid brokers include a quick search on Sunbiz.org for the entity name or just double checking the contracts to make sure the names match up with the company you originally spoke too.

Insurance: Have Your Ducks In a Row

The first and probably the most important aspect of renting an exotic car is (drumroll…) Insurance! Ah, yes, this is what will make or break your rental experience. It’s important to understand the massive liability you inherit once you sign your rental contract and are finally handed the keys to whichever vehicle you may have chosen. Something we hear at Veluxity time and time again is the uninvited anxiety that creeps up on you when you realize the Lamborghini Huracán you just rented has a front bumper clearance of 135mm (5 and a half inches) and that even with the lift system engaged you’re looking at a maximum clearance of 7 inches (175 mm). These figures are generous when you account for the Ferrari 458’s 113mm and the Lamborghini Aventadors measly 100mm ground clearance. The truth is, when renting an exotic or high end luxury car you either have full coverage insurance with a respected insurance agency (State Farm, Geico, All State, Travelers, AAA, Progressive to name a few) or you’d better load up that Uber Account. Infatuation with cars is something thats runs deep in many people, and although we understand you’d do anything to drive that Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Rolls Royce, no insurance is a no-go. With this first bit of information, you don’t need to worry as Veluxity has trained staff in place who will verify your coverage limits to ensure when you rent out Lamborghini you are fully covered by your own insurance.

Read Your Paperwork

This is another extremely important aspect when renting a vehicle, always read the fine print. Though we have never seen this in Miami or NYC, we have heard horror stories of exotic and luxury car rental companies who have knowingly inserted hidden provisions into there contract which stated that each redline of the vehicle and excessive speeding can result in $1,000 fines and even a complete hold of you entire deposit ($5,000). It’s important to read the paperwork you sign to ensure you don’t end up on the wrong end of an unfair legal agreement. We do not endorse or participate in any such behavior.

Use the vehicle lift system

Most of our higher end rentals (Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren) will have a hydraulic lift system which is designed with the bumper clearance in mind. For example, the Lamborghini Huracan only has a front bumper clearance of about 5 1/2 inches so you can imagine the necessity for a lift. We recommend using lifts whenever you see speed bumps (or humps), pulling in and out of driveways or hotels or driving in areas where roads are not evenly surfaced. The lift will usually stay engaged up to around 35-40 mph after which point it will automatically lower. Our delivery drivers will usually re-cover this with you upon drop off.

Park the car yourself and park in front of the hotel

Believe it or not, 80% of the times we have to bill a deposit for a scrap, scuff or large scratch its not because of you it’s because of negligence on the behalf of your valet. Our word of advice is to request the car be left out front and request you park it yourself. Remember, once you rent this vehicle it’s your responsibility so we always recommend the only person who operates the car is you and no one else.