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10 Years. Thousands Served. One Unforgettable ride.

Veluxity Exotic Car Rental on Fox News

Veluxity Exotic Car Rental started as a family owned and operated exotic car rental agency with locations in Miami Beach, Florida and New York, NY. As the Veluxity brand grew, the natural transition was to create a marketing platform that helped enable others success in the industry alongside our own, which is why Veluxity naturally transformed into a car sharing platform. You can learn more about becoming a host with Veluxity here. Our unique business model allows consumers access to a rental car at competitive pricing while also maintaining our standards for professionalism. Renting an exotic or luxury car can be a lengthy endeavor and its easy to get drowned in the details which is why our representatives work alongside our customers in directing them into an in-house or hosted vehicle that best fits their specific needs. With over a decade of expertise in the exotic and luxury car rental arena, Veluxity has earned a reputation as a reliable, best-in-class agency that attracts 150,000+ car enthusiasts,  business travelers, and adventurers to our platform year after year. Whether they are seeking the ultimate driving experience or simply require mid-range to high-end luxury transportation for everyday travel, our platform offers an unparalleled selection of vehicles to suit their needs. 

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Veluxity has been a life-long passion project and has enabled us to become one of the most well respected companies in the Northeast. We are experts in this special niche and are excited to work alongside our clients everyday in fulfilling their needs or desires. From exotic and luxury cars to basic lower tier luxury vehicles, Veluxity serves everyone equally. We have branched out to a car sharing platform in order to expand our business beyond the Northeast and will be rolling it out in states like: Illinois, Michigan, and Florida to name a few. See you on the road.

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