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About Us

Veluxity Exotic Car Rental is a family owned and operated exotic car rental agency based in New York and  founded in South Beach, Miami. We've been in the rental space for about nine years and have fulfilled thousands of customers dreams of renting an exotic car. The goal of Veluxity is to bring a personal touch to every rental we offer which is why you deal directly with the owner, Ron. When we set out on this journey, our end goal was not a large corporate location with hundreds of employees but rather a large network of clients, concierges and vendors that we can also call friends. We've found that renting an exotic car is a unique experience which is why booking with us is also unique. We are not like Hertz, Enterprise or any of these other corporate exotic car rental companies, we text (for the millennials), email (for the business oriented, but please don’t email us! Lol) and take phone calls (for those of you who like to cut to the chase **all new yorkers!**). Ron is your main point of contact from start to finish. If you need to troubleshoot a problem or have an oddball question while out on a rental he’s always on call to assist. Our overall goal with Veluxity has always been to scale the brand while still maintaining a personal relationship with each client. Many of our clients over the years have also become friends and those friendships are what led us to decide to keep Veluxity a “mom & pop” operation. We hope to hear from you and you can rest assured when you ring our phone it will be Ron on the other end, not a corporate directory. 


That’s enough about us! Let’s cover some other important topics about exotic car rentals.     


Tiered Vehicle System


We offer two tiers of vehicles for our customers to cater to the clients who want the newest of the new vs the clients who want something a little more affordable. Our tier 2 vehicles are usually 20k miles or more - 2017 or older and are priced below our tier 1 newer model vehicles (2019-2021 models). The tier 1 vehicles are our newer models that have all the bells and whistles and are usually rented from our clients who are looking for a continuation of their lifestyle or are ready to splurge. We have a revolving inventory of buying and selling our vehicles to ensure we're providing our renters with the highest quality vehicles in your area. If you're going to spend the money on an exotic, don't settle for mediocre.




We value transparency throughout every step of the rental process, from your initial inquiry until the day you return the vehicle. Ron is happy to re-cover the rental requirements/policies, provide a copy of the contract upfront to consider before making a decision, and explain in detail exactly what fees will be associated with your rental so there are no surprises. We welcome you to set up an appointment to view our vehicles in either our NY or Miami warehouses to eliminate any concerns or doubt and ensure the vehicle is exactly what you're looking for before deciding to rent. 


At our NY TriState and Miami location all vehicles listed on our website are taken by our in-house photographer and are photos of the exact vehicles available for rent. If for any reason we have a different vehicle available than the one requested, this will be clearly communicated to you right off the bat. 


In the interest of full transparency in Chicago and Detroit we currently operate as a concierge service (meaning we will source you a vehicle based on your specifications and make a commission on closing of the deal. When we act as a concierge we are NOT the owners of the vehicle, we are simply acquiring the vehicle from a third party for your rental.). These are the only two cities where we currently operate in that respect.

Vehicles get into accidents, customers bring back cars past due, and other incidents out of our control are common in this industry. Should anything unexpected happen involving a vehicle you have reserved, we promise to be immediately communicative with you to do whatever we can to make it right; whether it be providing you with a comparable car at no additional cost, or providing you a full refund. We want our customers to know we value honest and ethical business practices.


Mutual Respect 


The vehicles we rent to our clients are between $75,000-$500,000. We hope our clients understand and respect that each rental puts us both at a great risk financially, as well as quickly depreciates the value of an exotic vehicle. With such a high volume of inquiries and limited inventory, we reserve the right to be selective to renters who meet certain standards, reasonable rental negotiations, and speak to us with the same level of respect that we give. In order to run a tight ship and a fluidly operating business, we heavily enforce our policies, business hours, delivery & pickup deadlines, and damage policies without exception. We like to remind our clients that it is just as much a privilege for us to service you as it is for you to rent with us, please treat us with respect and we will always do the same. 

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