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Bentley Rental Miami, NYC

The Bentley is the perfect vehicle to rent in Miami for business, pleasure to leisure. As one of the most innovative and valuable brands on the market today, Bentley’s are in a class of their own when it comes to both comfort and performance. Drop the top on our Bentley GTC and cruise the streets of Delray Beach in style. Select models available in Miami, NYC, New York, New Jersey, CT, Fort Lauderdale, The Hamptons and West Palm Beach. To learn more about our Bentley luxury car rentals in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach simply send us a quick quote or give us a call today.

Bentley GT Convertible

Price Range: $995 per 24 hrs

Free Miles: 125

Damage Deposit: $1,500

Full Coverage Insurance Req'd

Age: 24+

Bentley Bentayga SUV 

Price Range: $1,195 per 24 hrs

Free Miles: 125

Damage Deposit: $1,500

Full Coverage Insurance Req'd

Age: 24+

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Bentley rentals in NYC have become one of our most frequent options at our locations in the Tri-State. Bentley was founded by W.O Bentley in 1919, a man before Bentley best known for his piston designs used in the first fighter planes in World War I. Bentleys are built with sport, comfort and usability in mind. We often recommend Bentley rentals to all of our NYC clients due to its ease of use in the city landscape. Thicker tires, flexible suspension options and overall comfort make the Bentley ideal for cityscapes - we highly recommend them over our exotic options if you’re traveling you plus two or more. 


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The Bentley Bentayga is our favorite SUV we offer for rent at Veluxity. The Bentayga provides the standard room you’d expect from a cross over SUV while still remaining extremely sporty and on its feet under acceleration and cornering. Don’t let its larger size fool you, the Bentayga will still take you to 60 in the sub 4.5 second range with its 600 horsepower twin turbo V8 power plant. Perfect for a weekend getaway to The Hamptons, don’t discount the Bentley Bentayga as the perfect fit for your next escape. 

bentley gtc manhattan-2.jpg

As far as Bentleys go, if a convertible GT V8s doesn’t do it for you, nothing will! The 560hp V8 twin turbo engine growls under light acceleration and once paired with the comfortable Bentley bucket seats / leather stitched interior you’ll soon realize why this is our most popular convertible model for rental EVER. Did we mention it seats four? The Bentley GTC is a favorite amongst our Hamptons clients who like to rent a Bentley for a few months along with their vacation home. This car is rarely in stock so we recommend booking it in advance. 



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