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Rev up your revenue with our turbocharged marketing.

Big Results, Minimal Effort.

A Veluxity Hosts Lamborghini Huracan

Experience the power of 180,000+ (and growing) car enthusiasts and travelers who visit Veluxity annually.

Veluxity is a unique subscription based car rental service that bridges the gap between car owners and businesses seeking to maximize the earning potential of their vehicles. With over a decade of expertise in the exotic and luxury car rental arena, Veluxity has earned a reputation as a reliable, best-in-class agency that attracts 150,000+ car enthusiasts,  business travelers, and adventurers to our platform year after year. Whether they are seeking the ultimate driving experience or simply require mid-range to high-end luxury transportation for everyday travel, our platform offers an unparalleled selection of vehicles to suit their needs. 

Become a host and increase your earnings. We don't earn unless you do.

You work hard for your money. No price wars with similar vehicles. Dedicated Sales Support. Increase your earnings by hosting your vehicles on Veluxity.

Interact with prospective clients and let your personality shine through on our lead based marketing platform.


Take ownership over your small car sharing business and skyrocket your revenue. More effort yields more reward.

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We provide an in-house marketing team for a hassle free onboarding process for hosts to get their vehicle in front of prospective clients looking its absolute best. 

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Streamline your success with turnkey lead generation funded by Veluxity.

Take the guesswork out of growth.

A Veluxity Hosts 2022 White Mercedes Benz S580

Veluxity offers equal benefits to vehicle owners and small car rental businesses alike, providing a seamless path to revenue generation.


1. Increased earnings for hosts:

The elimination of revenue based service fees increases the amount of revenue that hosts earn from renting out their vehicles. The fees on alternative services vary based on factors such as the rental price, duration, and location, but typically range from 10% to 35% of the rental amount. The revenue split in earnings is a net negative for hosts who must also absorb maintenance, depreciation, and other expenses related to their vehicles.

Many services operate in a highly competitive market, and hosts may find themselves competing with other hosts who are willing to offer lower prices to attract renters. This can put pressure on hosts to lower their rental prices, which can further reduce their earnings that are already being reduced from the revenue sharing. Veluxity is completely free with no hidden costs for use of its marketing service.

2. Interact directly with your clients:


Veluxity sales support takes the guesswork out of lead generation by pre-qualifying clients and assisting in bookings.  Although you will need to facilitate your own infrastructure for the actual rental (rental agreements, insurance due diligence etc.), you can build a sustainable business on our service through the wide breadth of clients who visit our website without having to share a percentage of your revenue with us every time they choose to rent a vehicle again.

3. Take more control over your variables


At Veluxity, hosts have complete control over the rental process, giving them greater confidence when addressing important issues such as disputes, cancellations, and refunds. These variables are often overlooked by other services to the detriment of the host as mishandling these issues could impact earnings.

4. Transparency - for both hosts and customers.


Our streamline onboarding process makes marketing your vehicles easy and hassle free. Other services fees can often become excessive and hosts may not fully understand how the fees are calculated or what they are paying for, which can lead to frustration and mistrust. 

All hosts will need to manage their own logistics, claims and payments, which allows hosts to accrue more rental rental value out of their vehicles, making it a more lucrative option. 

Finally, Veluxity sets prices on its website, this is done to ensure fair and easy quotes for consumers

Start building with Veluxity today for free.

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