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Maserati GT Spyder Rental Miami, NYC

Level 1 Exotic

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The Maserati GT Spyder Rental Miami is waiting for you at Veluxity and has your name on it. Inside, the Maserati offers a leather-lined cockpit with Bose sound system, parking warning system and satellite radio. Start up the 4.7L V8 and listen to the italian howl piping through ears in “Sport” mode. The Maserati is tamed and still allows for clear, concise conversation with the top down. The ride is “buttery” smooth and acceleration is fierce with use of the Maserati’s 453hp naturally aspirated eight cylinder. 

The Maserati Gt Spyder is big, powerful and exotic in Sport mode to say the least but when put in Standard mode becomes a tamed, pleasant and a surprisingly quiet ride. Drop the top and head to the beach in the GranTurismo for a day of florida or NYC sun and palm trees, or perhaps take the Maserati out for a night of fun on South Beach. Whatever your planning, we promise it wil be better with a Veluxity. If you would like a quote simply click “Get A Quote” and one of our account managers will assist you once the inquiry is received.

MSRP: $155,000



0-60 mph: 4.7 Seconds


Engine: 4.7L V8



Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic with Manual Shifting Mode







Maserati GT Spyder Rental Miami
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