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Vehicle Management Program

If you own an exotic or luxury car Veluxity offers a unique opportunity for you. Our rental program is a great way to earn passive income and put your depreciating asset to work by adding your vehicle into our fleet. 


Unfortunately, barring only a few rare examples exotic cars will only depreciate in value over time. Your Lamborghini or Ferrari won’t produce any income for you while it sits in your garage. Most owners inevitably end up upside down in there vehicle from exorbitant interest and elongated financing. This is just one of the reasons why exotic car owners enroll into our program. 


Vehicle managers enjoy monthly performance benchmarks, monthly payments and a robust stream of passive income. 


Veluxity deals with the logistics and hassle of renting out your vehicle to qualified clients while also storing, maintaining and taking care of your vehicle as if it was our own. Leave your vehicle with Veluxity for several months and enjoy the benefits of our unique program. 


This program allows you the ability to stop worrying about hefty car payments with most vehicles generating enough profit to at the very least cover their monthly payment and in some cases much more.


If interested in purchasing a vehicle or enrolling an existing vehicle in our program you can reach out to Veluxity for consultation in the form below. 


Still skeptical? Check out our articles in Greenwich Magazine on our About Us page to learn more about our brand. 

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