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BMW i8 Rental Miami, NYC

Vital Stats:

Engine: Electric/Turbocharged 3 Cylinder

Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic

MSRP: $158,500

0-60 mph: 3.6 seconds

Seats: 4

Price Range: $999-$1,299 per 24 hrs

Free Miles: 75-125

Damage Deposit: $1,000-$2,500

Age: 24+

Available in:

New York / Connecticut

New Jersey 

Philadelphia / DC




The BMW i8 Rental is the perfect car for a drive through Miami and NYC, it's amongst the first of its kind, utilizing both a turbocharged 3 cylinder and a supplementary electric motor for increased fuel economy. The i8 is an exotic car rental you could take to the Florida Keys and back while not needing to fill up the tank thanks to it's 28/29 MPG fuel economy. When driven in it's various standard driving modes (EV, Eco Pro or Comfort) the i8 is hushed and under the control of it's 129hp electric motor switching only to Gas mode when additional power is needed. However, take this i8 to an open road and switch it into Sport mode and the BMW comes alive. In sport, the gauges glow red, a tachometer appears in the cluster and the 1.5 liter turbocharged 3 cylinder remains ready with the compliment of it's 11hp electric motor. At full thrust the i8 will hit 60 in just over three and a half seconds making it a modern age masterpiece. 


Off the line the BMW i8 pulls hard with a snarl that could only be compared to an Angry NSX. After spending a vacation in Miami Beach or the beautiful Hamptons which lay outside NYC, you can't help but fall in love with i8's futuristic appeal and incredible practicality. The i8 is both comfortable and quick on it's feet posting lateral g's of .93g on the skidpads. Simply put, there isn't anything this i8 can't do that a modern day supercar can do, there isn't anything quite like an hour-long adrenaline filled ride in an i8 while averaging 25MPG. To receive a quote or make a reservation simply click "Get A Quote" and our best in class account managers will reach out as soon as we receive the inquiry.

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