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Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Rental NYC

Vital Stats:

Engine: 5.2L V10

Transmission: 7 speed dual clutch automatic

MSRP: $349,000

0-60 mph: 3.2 seconds

Seats: 2

Price Range: $1,499-$1,999 per 24 hrs

Free Miles: 75-125

Damage Deposit: $2,500-$5,000

Age: 24+

Available in:

New York / Connecticut

New Jersey 

Philadelphia / DC




Lamborghini Rental in New York has just reached new levels with the introduction of the largely anticipated Lamborghini Huracan Spyder. This beautiful, flawless piece of Italian machinery will take it’s passengers to 60 in the blink of an eye. The 601hp 5.2L V10 engine will put even the most fearless in their place catapulting you through snap-bang gear shifts that are so quick, loss of torque is non-existant. Whether searching for a night-out in style around Miami or a high-octane adrenaline-filled experience on South Florida’s Highways, the Huracan Spyder can deliver both. Driving the beautiful Huracan Spyder is different than any other experience we offer at Veluxity. iPhone cameras from every passing car can be expected while in the Huracan as this car truly demands attention and has a special presence about it. Whether searching for business, pleasure or a leisurely stroll while on vacation, Veluxity is ready to accomodate you. 

The Lamborghini Huracán is the predecessor to the Lamborghini Gallardo boasting a 5.2L V10 reminiscent of the Gallardo but finely tuned to extract additional horsepower. The Huracán is the first Lamborghini to equip a dual clutch transmission which offers far quicker shifting under acceleration than a single clutch. Our 2020 Huracán Evo’s are equipped with carbon fiber accented racing seats, touch screen interfaces and a titanium race exhaust making these vehicles a true treat to experience. 

How To Drive

We decided it would be easier for our clients who are seriously interested in renting these cars to have a quick tutorial to refer over too once the booking process is complete so we’ll cover that information here for convenience purposes. We recommend all clients who are renting this vehicle read over this quick tutorial so on the day of pickup you’ll have a general idea of what to do during our in person overview. 


The Lamborghini driving experience is different than that of a normal vehicle, there are no shift knobs, e-brake handles, or blinker/windshield wiper knobs. Instead, Lamborghini has re-located these mechanisms to the steering wheel. Your blinkers are on the left side of the wheel and the windshield wipers are on the right. 


All of the standard driving mechanisms in the car are activated through the paddles on the steering wheel as pictured. The right paddle will he used to put the car in gear by lightly pulling back the paddle. Once the paddle is pulled back you will see the digital interface change from “P” Park to “1A” this stands for Gear 1 in Automatic Mode. While in this gearing setup the Lamborghini will Drive like a normal automatic transmission vehicle. At the base of the steering wheel is a Red button that can be pressed down to toggle through the three different driving modes. “Strada” is the standard driving mode, this is designed with comfort in mind. While in strada the Lamborghini will operate like a normal car, the exhaust flaps will stay closed (for the most part), on the highway 5 of the 10 cylinders will operate to ease gas consumption, the suspension is loosened and the shifting is smooth. “Sport or Corsa” will open the flaps on the exhaust, stiffen the suspension and make the shifting more aggressive. Sport and Corsa (Race) mode are the horns to the Lamborghini Bull. 


Reverse, Park and the Parking brake 


These are all located in what would usually be the center console area in most vehicles. “R” Reverse is a horse shoe shaped handle that is pulled lightly backwards. Once pulled back the reverse camera will illuminate and you’ll be able to maneuver the Lamborghini as needed. The visibility in the Lamborghini when reversing is lack luster so you will definitely make sure of the camera. To put the car back in gear you’ll simply lightly pull the paddle back as discussed previously and this will put the car back in great. The Parking brake in the Lamborghini is unnecessary so we won’t be discussing that here as it’s just another thing you need to remember when it’s purpose is outdated, just use the “P” park button when parked to lock the vehicle in place. 


Windows, Hydraulic Lift and Hazard Lights 


These are all located on the dashboard interface, these knobs look similar to something you’d see in a jet liner, you can’t miss them just search for the red hazard light button. The windows are self explanatory and so are the hazard lights. The main attraction is the hydraulic lift. The hydraulic lift was installed in lamborghinis due to there low-long nose design. The lift raises the Lamborghini nose up around 2 inches. This is a perfect lift to use while riding around Manhattan NYC, Gold Coast Chicago or Brickell Miami. Pulling in and out of steep hotel entrances, gas stations, driveways etc. is also a great time to use this lift. Once the lift is activated it will become a yellow illumination on the dashboard of the Lamborghini and will stay lifted until the vehicle reaches a speed of over 45 mph. At 45 mph the Lamborghini will automatically lower itself back down. We recommend using this lift as much as possible because when it comes to Lamborghini bumpers you’d rather be safe than sorry, trust us! 


Manual Mode with the Paddle Shifters:

Toggling manual mode is as simple as making sure the car is in “1A”. Once the car is in gear one automatic mode you simply click the “M” button below the “R” horseshoe paddle on the center console area. Once the M button is pressed you’ll notice the “A” illumination on the speedometer interface will disappear leaving just a “1” this is how you know the car is in full manual mode. 

Common Huracan Specific Questions:


Where is the gas cap button?

There is no gas cap button in the Huracán, it uses a locking gas cap that is in sync with the doors in the car. If your doors are uncooked then your gas cap is as well.


Is it Manual?

The Huracán is not manual in the traditional sense, there is no clutch pedal and no shift knob. You can activate manual mode by pushing the “M” button on the center console and using the paddle shifters to shift it yourself. Left paddle is downshift, right paddle is up shift. 


Why do the brakes squeak?

This has to do with the carbon ceramic material that makes up the Huracán. Carbon ceramic is a track ready rotor material that works wonders around a track (as it doesn’t fade under heat as much as a traditional rotor) but unfortunately is prone to more squeaking than your usual brakes. This is very common and well researched so before you call us to let us know how squeaky the brakes are we’re hoping you read the answer to this common question first! 

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