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Range Rover Rental NYC

Vital Stats:

Engine: 4.4L twin turbo V8

Transmission: 7 speed automatic

MSRP: $160,000

0-60 mph: 4.5 seconds

Seats: 2

Price Range: $599-$899 per 24 hrs

Free Miles: 75-125

Damage Deposit: $2,500

Age: 24+

Available in:

New York / Connecticut

New Jersey 

Philadelphia / DC




If you're looking for a Range Rover Rental in NYC look no further than the supercharged Range Rover from Veluxity. Since it's body is fitted with Aluminum, the Supercharged Range Rover loses over 700lbs of weight, making it sporty for it's size. Having a Luxury SUV Rental is ideal for Miami given it's variety of terrains and quantity of activities that can be enjoyed by parties of three or more. The Range Rover's sleek, modern styling and undeniable performance make it our quickest SUV to date. Available with or without a driver, the Range Rover is the perfect SUV to take down to South Beach for a night out or to dinner in Miami's Wynwood/Brickell Area. If you're interested in our Range Rover and would like a quote simply click “Get A Quote” and one of our account managers will assist you once the inquiry is received.

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