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The Bentley is the perfect vehicle to rent in NYC for business, pleasure, leisure, and everything else in between. As one of the most innovative and valuable brands on the market today, Bentley’s are in a class of their own when it comes to both comfort and performance. Drop the top on our Bentley GTC or cruise the Bentayga around the streets of Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, or Staten Island in style. Select models available in Miami, NYC, New York, New Jersey, CT, Fort Lauderdale, The Hamptons and West Palm Beach. To learn more about our Bentley luxury car rentals in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

You can now rent a Bentley in one of the 5 boroughs; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Our Fleet Includes the Following Models Bentayga, Continental, Flying Spur, Mulsanne, and more. Get a free quote by clicking the link or by speaking to one of our experienced agents by calling us directly at 1 (914) 584-1974.


2017 Bentley GTC

4 HRS: $599 | 8 HRS: $699

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

But if I have insurance, why do you hold my damage deposit?

Damage Deposits are held for any damage that occurs on your rental.This means any damage done to our vehicle will be held from your damage deposit which you can later invoice through your insurance agency for reimbursement. We bill $300 for scuffed wheels (per wheel), $500 per damaged tire (if rubber has been removed from the sidewalls) and $1000+ for major dings/scratches/body damage on the body. We also have found a direct correlation between the funds held and how our vehicles are treated, we expect our vehicles to be treated as if they were your own.

If it rains can I get my money back? Can I cancel my reservation and get my money back?

We ask all clients who leave a deposit on a car to be 100% committed to the reservation. We do not offer refunds for early rental returns, rainy days, or any other types of returns. We are actively turning down reservations for that same vehicle you reserved once you've reserved it, this is why we can't afford to give you money back for circumstances that aren't within our control.

Do I need insurance to rent a vehicle from Veluxity?

Yes. All renters must be 24 years of age or older and possess full coverage insurance on an existing vehicle that is transferable to rental vehicle (specifically an exotic/luxury vehicle). If you have a liability only insurance policy it will need to be upgraded to full coverage at least 24 hours before your rental. We currently offer no exceptions to this policy, unless you have an AMEX Centurion or Platinum card with viable traveler insurance.

Can I rent the car for one day on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? How about renting it for a few hours?

Unfortunately we do not offer hourly rentals, and we do not secure one day rentals in advance on weekends. If you happen to be reading this on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday if we have a vehicle that hasn't been rented for our two day minimum we can possibly offer a one day rental. The reason our policies are set up this way is because from a business standpoint this industry is a weekend business. For that reason, we can't tie up a vehicle for one day on a weekend because we will more often than not be turning down a 2 to 3 day rental for that same time period.

for more in depth answers to questions you can view the FAQ on our homepage here.


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