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How To Find The Right Exotic Car Rental Company

Some of you may be asking, how does exotic car rental work?

Yes we know, renting your dream car for a day is a big decision! So how do you go about choosing the right car, at the right price, from the right company? You'll soon see it's easier said then done. Both Miami and NYC are filled with a variety of rental companies to choose from. What's important is understanding what separates one company from another. At Veluxity, we've found two red flag qualities to watch out for:

Do they have a dedicated fleet of vehicles?

In both areas but especially Miami the presence of "brokers" if ever present. Brokers are essentially middle men between you and a company who make a small fee for referring your business to the parent company. If you're renting your car off Instagram, Facebook or through a friend of a friend chances are you're renting from a broker not an actual established company. We are proud to see at Veluxity what you see is what you iPhone pictures of another person's cars and no discrepancies in color, model or vehicle.

Are they willing to come meet you with the vehicle without payment and do the contracts match the name of the company?

Another important thing to look out for is legal transparency, sometimes Joey "The Plug" from down the street may not own the Lamborghini he's renting you, no paperwork is a no-go especially when taking responsibility over a quarter million dollar vehicle. More often then not less reputable individuals will have you sign contracts to companies they aren't actually a part of, this is a "brokered" transaction.

For more information on how you can rent your dream car check out our homepage and scroll to the bottom for FAQ's and Rental Policies.

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