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Best Exotic Car Rentals for Each Occassion (How to Decide...)

So you’ve finally concluded you’re going to pull the trigger and rent an exotic car for that next special occasion? Look no further we have compiled a list of the best choices based on each occasion in your life. If there’s one thing we can guarantee it’s that we have enough experience with these various occasions to give you the absolute best choice rental wise for that occasion.

exotic car rental options

Weddings: Rolls Royce Ghost (Rainy) Bentley GT Convertible (Sunny)

If you’re planning on doing a rental for a wedding then the obvious choice is a Rolls Royce Ghost 4 Door Sedan, this car is the classic look for the occasion and also provides room for the bride, brides dress and chauffeur. If you’re an optimist then maybe opt for the Bentley GT Convertible which offers comparable space but also has the benefit of a drop top which will allow you to enjoy that special day just a little more.

Fathers Day: Lamborghini Huracan or Ferrari 458

Yes, the perfect gift for any dad (who’s at least half a gear-head) is going to be a Ferrari or Lamborghini rental. We have done dozens of successful fathers day surprises and nothing beats this as a gift! The only real decision you have to make is whether or not your Dad is a Ferrari or Lamborghini guy. You can’t go wrong with either of the models, either. So, put on your thinking hat and figure out which model your dad prefers, a huracan or a 458.

Anniversary: Rolls Royce Dawn

If you’re going to do things right, then you might as well do them fully with a Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible for your anniversary. The sheer comfort and style of this car makes it the perfect addition to your picture perfect anniversary get away. We can even arrange for a bow to be put on the hood upon drop off (if you desire).

Birthday: Too many options to choose

For the birthday exotic car rentals, we have to say it just comes down to straight preference. We suggest just deciding on an overall idea of exactly what it is you or your loved ones enjoys most in a car and going in that direction.

For more information on our exotic car rental options you can reach us via our quick quote form or call us direct.


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