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Lamborghini Huracan vs Ferrari 458: Which Exotic Car Rental is Better?

If you're like 75% of our exotic car rental clients then chances are you've narrowed your rental options down to the Ferrari 458 or the Lamborghini Huracan. We decided it'd be useful for us to give you a side by side review of each car so you can make a decision one way or another on the best rental for your needs. In this comparison we will attempt to paint a picture of what the experience in each of these cars is like and why some of our customers choose on over another.

Option 1: Lamborghini Huracán

Lamborghini Huracan

The Lamborghini Huracan is our most popular rental at Veluxity™ and for good reason! It boasts a naturally aspirated 602 horsepower V10 engine and has all the design features to suggest it's a raging bull ready to be ridden. The reason why so many clients rent the Huracan is because of it's aggressive styling and attention demanding attitude. You can't go wrong with this rental if you're looking to be stared at like you have three heads and be on 50-60 peoples snapchat stories.

The Huracán was the replacement for the Gallardo and wow did they deliver with this masterpiece. The Huracan will take you to 60 in under 2.8 seconds and keep you going well passed 200 mph. This is our ideal pick for the "LIV" Miami guy or the guy who's coming down to Miami or NYC for an unforgettable weekend. To learn more about our Huracan you can check out it's page here. We have it available in hardtop or convertible.

Option 2: Ferrari 458 Spider

ferrari 458 rentals

The Ferrari 458 Spider is the most popular car that Ferrari has ever sold and for good reason, it's the last naturally aspirated Ferrari that will ever be made! So why is it so popular rental wise? Its curved roof gives it an airy/open feeling and it's beautifully designed small liter v8 pushes out over 570hp with it's oh so familiar 8,000 rpm Ferrari-branded exhaust note. What Lamborghini has in power, Ferrari makes up for in class. There is nothing like a Ferrari rental on the road today, you either are or you aren't. What we have found at Veluxity™ is that a Ferrari guy would never get caught dead in a Lamborghini and vice a versa for a Lamborghini guy, the rivalry runs deep.

Luckily since you're not an owner of either of these cars, and not financially vested in there future praying for a low annual depreciation figure, you can be a Lamborghini AND a Ferrari Guy! The easiest way to land yourself in one of our rentals is to put in a quick quote on our form or on the Ferrari Page.

So that's our summary of which exotic car rental is better. We agree, we haven't done a great job making a choice and chances are neither will you! They're both such incredible machines it's almost impossible to choose. Rest assured, whether you choose a Lamborghini or Ferrari rental you'll leave our showroom with a big smile on your face.

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