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Why Rolls Royce Rentals are the most popular Luxury Option at Veluxity™

Rolls Royce has long held a reputation for having some of the most incredible luxury vehicles available in the market today. Whether searching for a daily, weekly or monthly rental, Veluxity offers 3 different Rolls Royce models to its customers. This includes the Dawn, Wraith and Ghost. The hardest decision our clients have when deciding to rent one of these vehicles is which they should choose.

rolls royce rentals

The answer, that’s usually contingent on your preferences. Are you a convertible type of person who wants the top down whenever possible? If so, you may want to stick to our Rolls Royce Dawn models which offer the familiar Rolls Royce quality you’re accustomed to but with a drop top option. Do you prefer a hardtop coupe with stars in the interior roofliner? You may opt for our Rolls Royce Wraith which can comfortably accommodate up to 4 adults. The final option, the Rolls Royce Ghost is good for those who need the extra seat in the middle for a 5th person or prefer leg room over aesthetics. You can’t really go wrong with any of the luxury car rental options available in Veluxity’s Rolls Royce fleet.

rolls royce rentals miami

Rental policies are fairly straight-forward, we require a $1000 security deposit which can be left in credit or cash, full coverage driver insurance and a valid driver license. Need more information on how to land yourself in the seat of one of these beautiful machines? Reach out to an account manager today via our quote form.


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