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Koenigsegg Agera RS breaks land speed record

koenigsegg agera rs land speed record

Koenigsegg made history setting the landspeed record.

Making History

Koenigsegg made history again this past November under the command of driver Niklas Lilja who set the land speed record with an average speed of 277.87 mph on two separate runs on Highway 160 near Pahrump, Nevada. Eric Schmedding, the product manager for original equipment at Michelin boasted "We are in the golden age of high-performance cars right now". He may be right with the Koenigsegg crushing the previously held land speed record of 267.8 mph held by a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

With John Hennessey now claiming his latest supercar creation, the Venom F5, being capable of breaking the 300mph barrier, the question is not if the Koenigsegg will be beaten, it is when it will be. Still, there is no denying the Koenigsegg accomplished quite a feat and currently stands as the fastest car in the world, but for how long? Check out the video below for a cockpit view of the record being broken.

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