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How To Rent an Exotic Car, The Do's and Don'ts

We have found that one of the most frequently asked questions at Veluxity is "how to rent an exotic car"? Well, we've taken some time to list some of the Do's and Don'ts of the industry so you don't end up with any issues on your next exotic car rental whether you choose to work with Veluxity or any of our industry competitors.

The Do's

The first "do" to keep in mind is driving safely, it's easy to forget the liability associated with taking one of these exotic or luxury cars on the road. What we have found time and time again is that the 10 seconds of rush isn't worth the consequences that may follow. Accidents aren't fun, so although we want you to enjoy your rental we also are trusting you to keep both the car and yourself safe at all times.

The second "do" we mentioned is parking the car yourself. We tell each and every client upon drop off to always park the car yourself, you can't trust valet to care as much as you do about the condition of the car and more often then not damage to the bumper, scratches/scuffs on the wheel and small dings can occur when you rely on them to park the car for you. SO, park it VIP in the front of the hotel and opt to park it yourself.

Using the lift system is so critical, especially in the Lamborghini models because of their long noses, this is your third "do". Your delivery driver should explain to you the importance of using this lift when pulling into any steep entries to any buildings or parking lots or keeping it up whenever the car is below about 30 mph to avoid any road debris. We can't stress how important the lift is.

Sharing you experience with us or your company you've chosen is also important. We rely on our clients to keep us informed as to how we can do a better job and also their feedback on our various review platforms. So if you do rent, leave a review!

Lastly, "do" refer friends. We love working alongside our clients in making this experience possible for their friends and family. So if you have someone in mind, be sure to shoot them over our phone number or company email!

The Don'ts

Just as we have so many "do's" we have an equal amount of "don'ts". You will find some of these don'ts surprising but believe us, they happen or we wouldn't list them!

The first "don't" is smoking in the car. This results in a $500 fine at Veluxity because you are ruining the rental for the next person and risking us never being able to remove the smell from the car. This is not cool! So don't do it!

The second "don't" and the most important is driving drunk in any of our vehicles. This is strictly forbidden and is the most dangerous decision someone can make. You are endangering yourself and our investment when you choose to make this faulty decision. Any company will immediately terminate your agreement and may assess fines for this behavior.

Street racing is the third "don't" you're not in the fast and the furious movie so lets save the showboating for the Hollywood actors!! Have a fun time in our cars but please don't give into that honda civic that decides he/she wants to race you on the turnpike!!

This next one seems like it would never happen, but it does! Don't STAND ON THE CARS!! Yes, this is the new thing where people now stand on the rentals and pose to "look cool", its not cool to do this! You scratch and dent the car and those dents are only going to cost YOU money upon return. Please don't do this!

The final "don't" is expecting refunds for early returns or deposits left on the vehicle. No company is going to offer you a refund if you rent a car for 3 days and decide to return it early on the second day. This industry is in high demand and you can trust that by returning that car earlier then promised we are losing money on another rental we could've had that day. Additionally if you leave a 10% deposit to reserve a vehicle it is not refundable after seven days. Again, reserving the car is blocking other individuals from also reserving the car, so make sure you are 1000%!

We hope this infographic further explains the do's and don'ts of how to rent an exotic car to you further, and thanks for reading!

how to rent an exotic car

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