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Choosing Your Exotic Car Rental, Where to Start?

When it comes to exotic car rentals, our clients often ask our luxury account managers for insight regarding what car we’d recommend for them. The truth is, we do have the best insight in this regard as it is our jobs to know these vehicles in and out.

From Lamborghini to Ferrari’s to Rolls Royces the choices seem almost endless…making the decision not so easy. The easiest way to decide on which exotic car or luxury car is to answer the following questions we’ve put together:

Do I want to be the center of attention and have people snapchatting my car/taking photos of me while driving?

choosing exotic cars

Best Option: Lamborghini Huracan or Aventador

Am I traveling with more than 2 people, want extra room for friends/family but still want to be in a fast car?

Best Option: Ferrari California T

Am I traveling with more than 2 people, performance isn’t important, want extra room for friends/family and am looking for a spacious comfortable ride?

Best Option: Rolls Royce Dawn

Do I want to impress a business partner or make a strong first impression at a meeting?

Best Option: Ferrari 458 Spider or Ferrari 488 Spider

Those are just a few scenarios we’ve heard frequently and made recommendations for. The truth is, regardless of what you choose these cars offer a special experience that will leave you feeling fulfilled no matter the choice you make! For more information here is a directory to each city we currently service.



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