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Exotic Car Rental Guide (What To Choose?)’ve decided you’re going to rent an exotic car but now the question is…which one do you choose?!

This is never an easy decision so we decided to make you a quick reference guide which can hopefully be used as a point of reference for you on the differences between our various vehicles.

Our most frequently rented vehicles is the Lamborghini Huracán, at Veluxity we offer the 602 horsepower model (LP-610) and the 572 horsepower model (LP-580). The Huracan has a long list of positives including unbelievable acceleration (sub 3 seconds), a beautiful modern design and perfect handling. The largest drawback you’ll find to this vehicle is the space. The Huracan has a small storage space in it’s front trunk, however, the firewall in this vehicle was set too far back in the vehicle making leg room almost unmanageable for someone over 6’ 2”. It also is extremely low to the ground making its hydraulic lift system an absolute necessity for city driving. This car will be an absolute delight for most, but if you’re above 6’ 2” keep in mind, it may be tight.

The Ferrari 458 Spider is out second most popular rental, and for good reason, it’s the last naturally aspirated v8 Ferrari ever. The acceleration is not as quick as the Huracan (3.3 seconds) but it’s almost unnoticeable unless you’re in these cars every day. In other words, 3.3 seconds to sixty is still mind-bending fast. Unlike the Huracan, the 458 is extremely spacious, making driving an absolute pleasure. You do not feel the same level of claustrophobia you’ll feel in the Huracan which for our most frequent clients is a welcomed condition. The 458 Spider is the perfect car for someone who wants to feel the power of a supercar but not necessarily feel overly stuffed in the car.

The Lamborghini Aventador is the King of the Veluxity™ Fleet, offering a 692 horsepower V10 paired with a single clutch transmission, it’s about as raw as a car can get in this day and age. The Aventador is perfect for that person who has to have the best of everything, for the guy/girl who wants to feel famous for a day, it’s the most attention grabbing vehicle we offer. The largest drawback for this vehicle is it’s long front nose which makes pulling in and out of hotels, gas stations, anywhere with an incline, a nail biting experience. Though, more spacious than the Huracan, it’s 0-60 is around the same. This car is for you if you want to roll up to LIV on Sunday like a boss.

The Ferrari 488 is Ferraris answer to the Huracan, and wow was it a response! These two cars are amongst our most treasured in the Veluxity™ Fleet. They offer the raw power of a Ferrari plus a pair of turbos. This twin turbo Ferrari is like nothing that's ever rolled off the Ferrari showroom floor. They are magnificent. If you’re looking to spend a little extra this is the perfect option for speed, comfort, space and acceleration.

The California T is a breath of fresh air compared to the California that it replaced. The naturally aspirated California was a boat to say the least. Lack of power and electrical problems plagued the old California. The new California now offers a single turbo and four seats! It’s the perfect rental for a family of four. This is your go-to option if space is important to you, did we mention it will still hit 60 in under 3.5 seconds?!

So there’s your quick go-to guide on a couple of the various vehicles we have to offer you. For more info you can reach us here.


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