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Exotic Car Rental Rates (How to Get the Best Price…)

Whether searching for your exotic car rental in Miami, Las Vegas, New York City, Chicago or any of the surrounding areas, chances are you’re looking for the exotic car rental rate. We decided to compile a list of some important points to keep in mind when reserving a vehicle with various exotic car rental companies so you can hop in your next car feeling like you got a great deal.

1.) Discounts are given at most exotic and luxury car rental companies for multiple days.

If you’re looking to get the best deal possible, you’re always better off booking for a few days at a time. Most rental companies will give discounts for multiple-day rentals, at Veluxity we have given as much as 15-20% off our daily rate for multiple day rentals, if you’re going to spend the money, might as well make the most of that money and spend a little extra for a couple of days as opposed to just one.

2.) Weekdays are the best time to rent these vehicles.

Another point to address would be the difference between renting on weekdays vs renting on weekends. On weekends most rental companies are going to enforce a two day minimum on their vehicles, this is because for most of us busier companies the number of vehicles we offer pales in comparison to the number of people actively searching to rent a car. For this reason we have to maximize our rental days on weekends by enforcing a two day minimum and also being less flexible on pricing. So if you want to do a rental as cost effective as possible, consider a weekday rental.

3.) Off Season Pricing is Going to Offer a Better Deal

Just like most industries, exotic and high-end luxury car rental is usually a seasonal business. This means that we usually will offer discounts during our off season months. In New York/Chicago, Off-Season is November thru March and in Miami it’s July Thru The Second Week of November. Since cars don’t go out as often during these months you can usually expect some sort of deal on our rates.

4.) Rent as a Group

Another easy way to get additional discounts is to rent as a group. If you are traveling with a group of friends, consider renting a few cars at the same time to drive down that exotic car rental rate. Usually companies are willing to issue discounts for people who rent as a group instead of just individually.

exotic car rental rates

So if you put all of these four points together you’re best deal is going to occur when you decide to rent multiple cars for multiple days during a weekday in the middle of offseason for whichever city you’re renting in. For more information on how our rentals work you can reach an account manager using our quote form here.


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