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Finding a Cheap Exotic Car Rental, is it Possible?

After several years of renting exotic cars we decided to pass on some knowledge on whether or not finding a cheap exotic car rental is possible. After dealing with thousands of clients, we’ve found more often than not our clients are research-based. In other words, far more people are searching for the most affordable exotic car rental than those that are actually renting them.

Research is so important in this type of niche because the truth is, you’re taking on a lot of responsibility when you get behind the wheel of one of these vehicles. One of the biggest things we’ve learned in this industry is you get what you pay for. Better prices don’t always equate to a better vehicle. Worn down exotic cars are a nightmare to deal with. Renting an exotic car with 25-35k miles is a liability to the renter (you) and should not be taken lightly. Did you know a new clutch on a Lamborghini Gallardo costs about $15,000? So when you leave that $5,000 deposit at another company and they give you a car that hasn’t been properly maintained and a clutch blows…who do you think their going to blame? YOU.

So yes, cheap exotic car rentals are possible, but to what extent are you willing to risk losing your deposit or possibly endangering yourself? Veluxity Miami and Las Vegas do offer hourly exotic car rental services which can condense and reduce the price on that Lamborghini or Ferrari experience by a few bucks, feel free to ask an account manager for more details about that service.

Be sure to read through some of our other blog posts so you can better inform yourself on some of the things to keep in mind when renting an exotic car. The experience overall, is unforgettable, but just like anything else in life it’s good to inform yourself!

Exotic Car Rental Cheap


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