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Renting A Ferrari in Miami (The 3 Potential Drawbacks…)

Renting a Ferrari in Miami can be both a dream come true and a headache at the same time. You see, not all Ferrari’s are created equal and it’s important that you consider not only the model of the Ferrari you’re renting but it’s overall condition. More often than not the biggest complaints we hear about the Ferrari’s is as follows:

1.) All Ferrari models use special carbon ceramic brakes, these brakes are far better at dissipating heat at racetrack speeds allowing for strong braking lap after lap that would toast normal brakes. However, these brakes come at a cost, and that’s a lot of noise, a lot of squeaky noise! So to answer your questions in advance, if the brakes are squeaking it’s not because the car needs brakes it’s because of the material the brakes are composed of!

2.) Unfortunately, Ferrari was made for hardcore car enthusiasts, these cars are made to be driven hard and tracked frequently. Therefore, in the Ferrari you will find a few drawbacks, the first will be Bluetooth capabilities in model years before 2016. Yes! We know, you want to listen your music but unfortunately Ferrari thinks the sound of that naturally aspirated V8 sounds even better than the music does. So when you rent one of these Ferrari’s don’t be surprised about the Bluetooth or AUX cords, because you have now been forewarned.

3.) Warning lights on the dash. Now, you may or may not find a TPMS (Tire Pressure Light) or any of the other millions of lights Ferrari’s have on when you rent it. Although Veluxity has an in-house mechanic, Ferrari’s are EXTREMELY temperamental. This me you may have a stupid light on here or there for a license plate bulb or something silly along those lines. Rest assured 9 out of 10 times a light pops up it’s usually for something silly that isn’t anything to worry about, although we recommend checking that with an Account Manager.

So there you have it, a brief (but quick) list of some of the things you may notice when cruising around in one of our Ferrari models.

rent a ferrari in miami


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