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Renting an Exotic Car for an Hour…(Is it Enough Time?)

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been calling or shopping around asking about renting an exotic car for an hour to the various exotic car rental companies in your area, also, during this process you may have also realized that renting that car for just an hour isn’t really a possibility with most rental companies. Yes, at Veluxity we also get frequent calls and inquiries asking about renting a car for just one hour and here’s an explanation for why we do not offer that service:

1.) It isn’t enough time for you to enjoy the car: Believe us, in most of the cities we service (Miami, NYC, Chicago, Las Vegas) you’re going to spend at least half of your time stopped at a traffic light and the offer half rolling at about 5 mph, especially if you travel to Ocean Drive or Times Square. For this reason we don’t offer hourly rentals in most cities other than Miami and Las Vegas which we do offer 4 and 8 hour rentals.

2.) It’s far too much risk for not enough reward. Nothing personal! But if we charged you 100-200$ to drive around in our Lamborghini’s for an hour the reward does not outweigh the risk. We have a responsibility to our customers to make sure we offer them a quality product, however, when you offer quality there is always going to be a corresponding price tag attached to it, that’s why most of our prices on our exotic cars start at $599 for 4 hours and go up from there.

So to answer this blogs question, renting an exotic car for an hour isn’t worth it to the rental company or the customer! Which is why most don’t offer it, however, if you’re renting out of our Miami or Las Vegas locations we do offer 4 and 8 hr rental servicing.

exotic car rental one hour


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