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Veluxity is A Lifestyle…

For over four years, Veluxity has been providing lifestyle services for our growing clientele (now in excess of 1,000 clients) throughout Miami, Miami Beach, Chicago, NYC, NJ, CT, Las Vegas and many other cities. What we’ve come to realize through numerous rentals and interactions with clients is that our service goes far beyond the vehicles we rent. Chartering 120’ yachts for a private event, brokering 6,000+ sq ft mansion rentals or just the daily motion of renting our exotic fleet of over 15 vehicles (including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley and Rolls Royce), it all falls under the same category of accomodating our private clients lifestyle needs.

We’re proud to be able to retain so many clients and while doing so, service over 8 cities through out the East Coast and Midwest. What had originally been thought up as a way for our owner, Ronald Petruska, to be able to get behind the drivers seat and experience these high end supercars, has now become a contagious lifestyle that has led to over 200% year over year growth for the Veluxity brand. Considering renting an exotic or luxury car this spring or summer, don’t count us out! Reach out here.

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