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Veluxity™ Refreshes Exotic Car Rental Fleet for Spring 2018

With just a few minutes left till Spring, it’s about time we unveil the latest additions to the Veluxity®️ fleet. We like to pay close attention to the various vehicles our customers seek out which is why this year we added a couple of new toys to the fleet.

bentley truck rental

1.) Bentley Bentayga

With all of the hype surrounding the brand new Bentley truck this addition was an easy choice. We opted for a deep black color with a black interior, executive style. This truck will be available in our Veluxity®️Miami location and will include the usual geo fenced unlimited mileage limits and 1000$ deposit.

lamborghini aventador rental

2.) Lamborghini Aventador Roadster (Black)

Unfortunately our other Lamborghini Aventador Roadster got into an accident (sigh) so after undergoing the accident protocol we were able to pick up a newer Roadster in Black with a red interior. This Lamborghini rental will also be available via Veluxity®️ Miami this Spring.

3.) Ferrari 488 Spider

We are proud to introduce yet another 488 to the line up, this Spider is black with a black interior. It will be available in both Veluxity®️ Miami, Tri-State (NYC, Philadelphia, CT) and Chicago (by special request). The 488 is one of our staple Exotic rental cars and has been a huge hit amongst our loyal client base.

That’s about it for now for new additions to the Veluxity®️ fleet. Stay tuned for our summer rollout which will bring a bunch of new toys to the NYC Tri State area.


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