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Why Renting An Exotic Car is a Must-Do for Tourists in These Cities…

So, you’ve finally made the decision that you’ll be taking a trip to an area within Veluxity Exotic Car Rentals service area! We decided to make a quick blog post to give you that friendly shove off the exotic car rental experience cliff which will land you into our Ferrari or Lamborghini on your next trip to Veluxity supported cities.

After almost four years of rentals and an array of clients throughout the country we’ve pretty much done a rental for every occasion that exists. Why do we say this? Because if you’re having trouble justifying an exotic car rental, we’d be more than happy to provide you with a long list of acceptable reasons our other clients have discovered to justify making the splurge.

Veluxity isn’t just a service, it’s a lifestyle and we are PASSIONATE about it. This is partly the reason we have a growing fleet of 20+ vehicles valued somewhere north of $5m (we’ve almost lost count ;)) to various areas through the US (NYC, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas). See, we live, eat, breath and sometimes (if it’s a late delivery) sleep (in) cars. Although as a disclaimer, id take my bed any day over sleeping in a Lamborghini (wouldn’t recommend it).

So if you’re considering renting an exotic car (even if it’s not with us) the real reason we consider it a must-do is because for many of us it’s a dream come true. Although it’s a relatively expensive dream (usually $1000 or more for any of our exotic cars) it’s certainly less than the quarter million dollar price tag most of our cars come with!

We are a relationship based business and have achieved our level of marketability through strong client relationships and repeat business. At Veluxity, we are (and continue to be) gear heads first and rental agents second. Feel free to drop us a line or read more about the various services we offer here. Either way, we hope to see you on the tarmac soon!


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