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Why The Aventador SVJ Could be A Welcomed Addition to the Veluxity™ Lineup

It should come as no surprise that Lamborghini rentals are one of the more popular brands at Veluxity™ HQ, which is why we've been strongly considering adding a "specialty" Lamborghini to our lineup. Sure, we have the Aventador, Huracan Hardtop and convertible models, along with the occassional Gallardo, but what if we added, say, the new 2020 Aventador SVJ? It's an idea we've been playing with, but we haven't been able to project just yet if a premium is worth it to our client base. So, in this article we request you, the reader, to be our judge!

According to the Motor Authority, the new Aventador SVJ is rumored to have over 800 horsepower (that's 100 more than our current Aventador Rental offers). Along with the 800 horses the SVJ is also rumored to enact the Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva (ALA) active aerodynamics system that adjusts airflow occuring around along with through the car to help control downforce and drag levels. Pair these incredible additions dual exhausts mounted closer to the taillights (see below image) and a huge rear diffuser and WOAH! we have ourselves quite a contender as a Veluxity Exotic Car Rental.

lamborghini aventador svj

Our love for Lamborghini's runs deep at Veluxity™, there is something about hopping into a Lamborghini Aventador that is almost unreal. The power, the performance and the looks other drivers give you are second to none. That's probably why it's one of our clients preferred rental brands. The Aventador especially, invokes a strong feeling of envy to it's onlookers, so why not try it out for a day to see what all the fuss is about?

The rental process at Veluxity is relatively straightforward but can be initiated by contacting any one of our Account Managers. To learn more you can submit or quote or give us a buzz!


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