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Exotic Car Rentals Miami: What makes Veluxity™ Standout?

Welcome to the world of Exotic Car Rentals Miami, enters Veluxity Luxury Services, the “end all be all” of exotic and luxury car rentals in NYC and Miami. Veluxity offers a wide range of luxury and exotic models to choose from whether searching for a luxury car for that special night out or a one day experience in a Lamborghini or Ferrari. Commitment to top notch customer service has played a large part in what has allowed to make Veluxity one of the larger players in the exotic and luxury car rental market in both cities. Whether searching for a Ferrari or Lamborghini, Veluxity possesses one to two of every model offered by these manufacturers since 2010. The prized possession of the fleet is their Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, powered by a 691 horsepower 6.5L V12 the Aventador has all of the makings of a raging bull boasting an exhaust note that could only be compared to that of a fighter jet and the latest addition, the beautiful Ferrari 488 Spider, ferrari's new flagship supercar.

Veluxity is proud to offer one of the only Ferrari 488 Spider's in the Greater Miami Area, Ferrari's latest flagship supercar.

Most people dream of being able to get behind the drivers seat of a supercar and this is truly what the Veluxity experience is all about. Too lazy to drive? Not an issue as Veluxity offers an on demand chauffeur service so you can enjoy your Rolls Royce Rental with a white glove professional driver too.

Miami's summer climate of warm and sunny with blue skies makes for a perfect trip when complimented with a Miami Exotic Car Rental. Cruise to the Hamptons in complete comfort in a Bentley or Rolls Royce or put your pedal to the floor in a Ferrari 458 Spider. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of curbside delivery service so you can surprise your loved one with that perfect unique gift this birthday season.

There is something to be said for living life to the fullest, no matter where you travel throughout the world each country has it's own definition of what that life looks like. At Veluxity, our vision of living life to the fullest includes a Red Ferrari Droptop with all the bells and whistles and a memorable night out on Miami Beach. To each there own, but if you identify yourself with that sort of life outlook, Veluxity™ could be your perfect option for that next luxury or exotic car rental you're considering. Let our luxury account managers walk you through the decision making process by laying out all your options out in front of you so you can be left with a powerful (we mean horsepower wise!) decision on that next rental you choose to go with.

So what makes Veluxity standout? Obviously the exotic car rental market is a niche market, but amongst it's competitors Veluxity upholds a higher level of commitment to integrity and receiving your rental on time, in the color you specified at the time you specified. Staying dedicated to these core values is what has allowed Veluxity's sales to grow by nearly 1000% from 2016 to 2017. To learn more about the Veluxity fleet you can browse through the website or at any of our locations in Miami and NYC, however it's important to note we are available by appointment only. For more info visit our quick quote form.

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